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Release – Dream – Explore

“Discover Your Pathway to a Powerful Life Transformation.” – Butterfly Luv Hugz

We are life transformation experts.  Igniting the hearts and souls of people all over the world by teaching them how to understand, activate and explore their full potential…their true VOICE!! 

We facilitate Healthy Lifestyle and Personal Empowerment Programs that teach how to emerge from the cultural, societal emotional barriers that are keeping people from transforming into the beautiful authentic human being they were born to be.

Our clients are inspired to courageously step into their divine purpose and harness the power of belief to manifest the life of their dreams while creating a positive impact in their personal lives, their community and the world.

The Flutter Process

    Forgive Yourself

    Forgive Yourself.  Move beyond the hurt, guilt and shame from choices you’ve made in the past

    Love Yourself Unconditionally

     Accept yourself for who you are, truly appreciate your unique gifts, talents and abilities

    Understanding Who You Are? What You Want?

    Develop a more meaningful and passionate existence by living your divine purpose

    Trust Yourself

    Listen to inner voice as it always guide you towards positive actions and peaceful outcomes

    Think Differently

    Strengthen your brain’s ability to overcome a negative mind-set with powerful positive self-talk


    Your development space is your cocoon and it is our mission to help you emerge from it as the unique and confident person you were born to be


    Own Your Greatness, Live You Divine Purpose, Change The World

    Butterfly Luv Hugz


    Butterfly Luv Hugz is a transformational speaker, award-winning teacher, and career coach. Throughout her career, she’s excelled at developing, implementing, and delivering successful Employability and Life Skills workshops and programs in a variety of educational environments.

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    My Fluttermonies...

    “Lorna spoke to the students about humanity, the importance of being themselves, and not to be afraid of what other people may think of them. She encouraged them to follow their dreams, no matter how many years it may take, obstacles they face or doubts they may have. We are in this world once, and we are here for a reason. The insight she has had a profound impact on myself and my students.” - Carolyn Staats, BSN, RN, PHN

    "Signed up for this workshop to find a job instead found a teacher with compassion and understanding. I had very low self-esteem not anymore!” Thank You Lorna.  - Former Student

    “I think serendipity has truly guided me to where I belong, meeting you helped lead me on my way to a bright future journey. I wanted to let you know what you have helped me in such a possible way”. - Lindsay, Former Student

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