Butterfly Luv Hugz

Life Transformation Expert, Personal Development Trainer and Coach


Butterfly Luv Hugz with Napa Mayor Jill Techel

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Butterfly’s mission is to ignite the hearts and souls of people all over the world by teaching them how to understand, activate, and release their full potential. She inspires people with her genuine ability to develop the whole person with a focus on shaping those who are innovative, adaptable, and flexible within their chosen professions. 

My Background

Butterfly Luv Hugz is a transformational speaker, award-winning teacher, and career coach. Throughout her career, she’s excelled at developing, implementing, and delivering successful Employability and Life Skills workshops and programs in a variety of educational environments. Coupled with her 35 years of experience in the hospitality industry, she’s become an educational leader that supports organizations in realizing their goals and co-create change that aligns with the company’s mission, vision, and employee professional development goals.

She is a proponent of community service as evidenced by roles such as Member of the Board of Directors at Hope’s Crossing, Toastmaster’s President, State Farm Financial Fitness workshop presenter, Ambassador with the Tempe Chamber of Commerce, and president of the Arizona Family and Consumer Sciences Board of Directors. Her greatest rewards come when she works with people of all ages to promote their self-worth, independence, financial freedom, and lead fulfilling lives while contributing to society. 

Butterfly is a serious food enthusiast. Her career in the hospitality and food industry spans more than 3 decades. She was the CTE Department Chair and sole Culinary Arts Instructor at Tempe High School in Tempe, AZ where she was instrumental in the refinement of the program while also launching opportunities for students to showcase their skills while competitively working with each other. As the Black Student Union Sponsor she raised cultural and diversity awareness and served as a catalyst for creating educational opportunities related to multi-cultural issues.

She is currently developing programs to inspire the next generation of Black LGBTQIA+ Leaders to follow their dreams of entrepreneurship, continuing their education, and overcoming challenges in order to create and life their hearts desires. She has received various accolades throughout the years for her contributions to education.

 Butterfly’s professional background includes Career Services Advisor and Alumni Relations Coordinator at Collins College where she earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design. Following her BA she continued her education at the University of Phoenix where she earned her Masters of Business Administration.

Butterfly has two beautiful daughters and is the Nyanya (Swahili for grandmother) of seven amazingly wonderful grandchildren. She enjoys all things nature, meditating at the beach, rainy days, beautiful sunsets, star gazing, reading, listening to music, dancing, fun art projects, cooking fabulous meals, and hosting dinner parties.


Butterfly Luv Hugz

Life Transformation Expert, Personal Development Trainer and Coach

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