4 Changes You Can Make to Reach Your Full Potential

4 Changes You Can Make to Reach Your Full Potential

I’ve always wanted to reach my full potential and abilities. Although I’ve had success, I don’t think that I’ve created super extraordinary levels of success quite yet, nor do I believe I have tapped into my full potential. Other people can judge me, but I know my true potential and whether I’m living up to it.

Don’t let anyone else judge your success. If you don’t consider it your duty—your obligation—to live up to your potential, then you will live a life far short of what you are capable of.

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I want to tell you about four changes I made—and you can make—to reach your highest potential:

1. Write down your goals.
You set these goals. Don’t let anybody else tell you what your goals should be. Think of success like breathing air; your last breath is important, but it’s your next breath that’s vital. Goals keep you focused on what’s next, and writing them down keeps you on track.

2. Choose things just out of reach.
Don’t just think about what is “realistic.” The problem with realistic thinking is that it’s usually based on what others think is possible. They don’t know your potential. Whenever you start a task with a mind toward the potential outcome, you will limit the actions required to accomplish that goal.

3. Take massive action.
Never do anything normal. Take massive action until one day it is no longer an unusual activity but a habit for you. People will ask you: “Why are you still out this late?” “What are you doing calling on a Saturday?” “You never quit, do you?” And even “What are you on?” Big goals require big actions. Reaching your full potential requires massive actions.

4. Stay persistent.                                                             
How do you get a nail in a wall? You hit it over and over and over. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The ability to persist on your path regardless of setbacks, unexpected events, bad news and resistance—to continue firmly in your purpose in spite of conditions—is a trait common to those who make it. Reaching your potential requires you to be persistent; there are no quitters here.

How much success have you accumulated in your life? Whatever level you have attained, you can do more. Never limit your potential success and never limit what you will do to create and keep that success. Have monster goals and attack them hard. Remember that people who are highly successful—in both their professional and personal lives—continue to work, produce and create long after they’ve flourished.

When it comes to your career, never work for your quota; work to your potential.

When it comes to your career, never work for your quota; work to your potential. Working for your potential will keep you highly motivated. This also ties into your ethical obligation. You know what you’re capable of, not others. Quotas are numbers made up by others for you to hit. How did they come up with that quota? Don’t operate by what others think is possible.

Understand also that you will not reach your full potential without increasing your knowledge. You must train and invest in yourself to make yourself better. LeBron James is trying to reach his full potential as a basketball player because he trains daily. As a sales person, I train daily. Anything you want to flourish in will require you to put in time and energy.

You also can’t reach your full potential holding on to where you are. Start writing your goals down each day. Choose things just out of reach. And take massive actions to hit them.

By Grant Cardone | March 7, 2017 

What to Do When You Feel Stuck

What to Do When You Feel Stuck

Have you ever just felt like enough is enough? Maybe it was in a relationship that you knew deep within wasn’t right, maybe it was a burning desire to just book the holiday and just go? Maybe it was that stuck feeling you were feeling everyday when you sat at your desk or when you thought about your job — that feeling that something just had to change.

I know that feeling and that’s why I’ve made it my mission to help women overcome it. I know it because I used to feel it every single day.

The thought of it now (a year on, how time flies when you’re having fun!) feels like a parallel universe — a lifetime ago.  But I can still remember that feeling of sadness, of being so damn scared that I’d make the wrong choice, of disappointing my family and of failing. For me it was my job; it sucked the life right out of me and had started to become soul destroying.

I’d come home and take my frustrations out on my partner and just felt so stressed out all the time. I was sad everyday because I felt so confused; I’d only been at this new job 6 months and I hated it. I pretended I loved it — the pay was great, the new car I drove was comfy, the people were nice, but I just hated it.

The one day, I reached out to a coach who gave me some great advice: Accept where you are while still working towards where you want to be.

Find your happy.

So (with her help) I started thinking about what would make me happy: helping people, being at home with my dog, writing, creating, connecting, freedom. These were the words that kept coming up for me. And so I started to dig…

What could I do? What was my purpose? How could I find it?

It took a while, investing lots of time and money into programs, working one-on-one with a coach and hours of soul searching, but I got there. I found it. And I know it would have taken even longer had I not got that help!

I found it because I made it my mission to find it. I DECIDED that enough really was enough and I HAD TO change something.

I found it because I actively searched, asked questions and looked for (and paid for) the help that I needed. I DECIDED that I was worthy of investing time and money into myself; even though at the time I didn’t feel like that yet.

I found it because I didn’t let other peoples’ opinions affect me. There were SO many people that didn’t get it. So many people that were scared for me, that thought I was stupid, and that I was worried I’d disappoint (hey and maybe I did!) but I followed what was right for me. I DECIDED that my happiness mattered the most.

In the space of three hours the other day I had very similar conversations with women. They told me that they were over it. That they needed a change. But that they are so damn scared of failing, so lacking belief in themselves and most importantly, they didn’t know what they wanted — in a job, out of life, in their relationships — and like so many of us do, they were pigeonholing themselves. Rather than thinking about how they want to feel and creating a picture of what they want for themselves, they wanted to plan it all out first, and that just never works!

You can’t plan life!

Things are always going to happen that you can’t control and that you didn’t expect — that is the beauty of life! But yet we still feel the need to plan. We need to follow what’s on the inside instead — that calling, that yearning that I know you feel sometimes to do what it is you want to do. Get the picture and focus on that; the rest will fall into place. Have faith.

Women And Power

A weekly exploration of women and power.  How do you not let the fear, self-doubt, lack of motivation stop us? Reach out and get help to overcome them. Know that you don’t have to do it on your own; and don’t.

You can’t see the answer you’re looking for right now because you’re so focussed on the wrong things. You’re paying too much attention to the stuff you don’t want.  If you focus on what it is that makes you feel good, what it is that lights you up, what it is that you’re passionate about and you start doing more of that, I can 100 percent guarantee that the answers will reveal themselves!

When I quit my job a year ago I followed my feelings, freedom, etc.  I trusted that it would all work out. And it has, in fact it’s worked out better! I got help to keep that motivation up and overcome the self-doubt. And finding my self-belief saved me.

Yeah I would have had more money had I stayed at the job I hated. And maybe I’d be driving a nicer car and living in a bigger house and have been on more holidays, but I’d still feel stuck everyday.  There is no way I’d be pregnant (the stress would not have allowed my body to grow a baby.)  There’s no way that I would have this vision of my life that I do. And there’s absolutely no way that I’d be as happy and healthy as I am today.

And at the same time I am absolutely nowhere near where I thought I would have been in my business but I am absolutely 100 percent okay with that. There is no way that I would have realized that I love working with animals, that I need to work in a team and that serving people makes me happy and from that attracted the perfect casual job. Because when I was stuck at that job and all I could think about was ‘what the hell am I going to do?’ ‘how will I make money?’ ‘what will people think?’

I wasn’t creating opportunities — I was blocking them.

If I’ve learnt anything in the last year it’s that I will be okay no matter what. And you will too. Believe in yourself — trust that life is happening perfectly and if you can’t accept your situation and make the most out of it (and stop bitching about it and being unhappy) then CHANGE it.

Take one step and then another and maybe throw in a leap or two and I promise you, the ride will so be worth it!  She believed she could, so she did.

Erin Reghenzani, Contributor

6 Steps to Understanding Your Potential and Achieving More

6 Steps to Understanding Your Potential and Achieving More

Whether you’re applying to a college, choosing a career path, or going through a midlife crisis, the big question is, “What are you capable of doing?” This world may have fed you with unrealistic expectations from the beginning, and it may be keeping you from understanding your potential.

We’re all told there’s some hidden talent deep within us that will be our saving grace one day. More often than not, though, you’re only wasting your time in finding your ‘talent’ instead of spending that energy to build your potential.  If you can understand your potential, success will be knocking at your doorstep. Let’s dig in to find out the not-so-hidden secret tips that will help you create your own empire of success!

What Is Personal Potential?

Before understanding your potential, you need to know first what personal potential really means. There’s a high chance that you have the wrong definition in mind, but that’s not your fault because it’s how most of us think of it.

People generally tell you that you’re naturally gifted with personal potential. Your true potential is supposed to be an activity that you can do amazingly with minimal effort. With this perspective, you’re always in search of a hobby that you think you’re good at. You keep looking for this unknown nature’s gift.

What you don’t know is that personal potential has more to do with your mental strength than your so-called gifts. It is anything that you wish to be. Hence, even if others say that your fashion sense is terrible all your life, you can still end up being a successful fashion icon.

What you need is willpower. With your courage and a firm intention, you can achieve whatever personal potential you want.

Potential and talent are not the type that you need to wait for before they come to you. They are qualities that you build within yourself with hard and smart work. There’s no magic wand that brings out your inner potential except your own will.[1]

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you have to follow another successful individual’s footsteps blindly. Yes, it’s always great to have some advice, but your potential and the path leading to it is probably way different.

The key is to try understanding your potential instead of forcing something on yourself just because someone you know has managed to pull it off.

How to Find Your Potential

The personal potential is all about hard work and strategy. Here are six tips that will guide you on finding motivation and putting it to good use.

1. Identify Your Inner Voice

The first step towards success is to listen to yourself.[2] Bear in mind that you’re not looking for your potential here but only figuring out what you truly want in life.

Your potential is ultimately what you work for. Thus, it’s best to work for the things that you desire so that you enjoy the process.

Think of the things that you enjoy or would want to be good at. Do you aspire to be an artist, for instance? Would you love to be a theater actor, even though you’ve never acted on stage before?

Please make a list of your desired wishes and then downsize it realistically. It matters to keep your inner voice in mind while doing so. Don’t aim for things that may improve your image in society, bring you a lot of money, etc. Remember: your self-satisfaction needs to be a top priority.


By Leon Ho, Leon Ho is the Founder and CEO of Lifehack, which he started in 2005 as a way to share his personal productivity hacks to make life easier. Shared from Lifehack.